The Journey Begins

I have been through a journey, and I am not saying it has been harder then most. However, my journey has made me who I am, and given me the motivation to be the person I wish to become….

Well, with the heavy stuff out of the way! I am Michael…

I am originally from the Los Angeles area, but currently live in Sacramento.

And a little over 4 and a half years ago, I meet the woman who would one day be my life. I recently married her, my Light, and we live together in the city.

I used to manage a comic book store and was apart of that company for over 8 years. However, I decided to take a new journey in my life by becoming a freelance writer/editor, which is working towards a career as a writer/editor in comics/movies.

Comics… Movies… Books… any good story is something I am always passionate about. Comics especially have found a huge place in my heart and I am here to give my knowledge and love back to the word regarding these subjects.

Just some more info about me… Nightwing, he is my all time favorite comic book character. My top 5 movies: A Knights Tale, The Dark Knight, Brick, The Time Travelers Wife, and To Kill a Mocking Bird. These are the movies that I can put on at anytime of the day and it doesn’t matter what mood I am in, these movies will always bring me joy.

I’ve been into comics and movies all my life. From video rental stores to comic book stores, my life has really been formed by these different stories and mediums.

Please stay tuned… I have a lot to say and hopefully I am able to guide some people toward the amazing life comics bring!!


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”-Winston Churchill



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