First Appearance of Batman’s Penis…

First appearance of Batman’s penis…

Who knew that one day I would be uttering those words…

Well that day has come and the new title Batman Damned has hit the shelves. This new Batman story, written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Lee Bermejo, is the first title released for DC’s new Black Label. This new imprint is something DC is offering to give creators a chance to use these legendary superhero characters in a more mature light and Batman Damned sure has the spotlight right on it.

Honestly, I had been looking forward to this story since it was announced. I love premier format editions and this was going to be a self contained story in three issues about Batman and John Constantine and many others!?!? What wasn’t there to be excited about. However, the story is what has brought me down, the story was amazing and I honestly wish people who love a gritty batman story to go out and read it if you can.

No, my real issue was the fact that this new book shot up, at the time I am writing this article, to a $50 issue all because DC decided to listen to the vocal minority and censor the online version and any further printings. This was DC shooting themselves in their own foot. Now you could say that any press is good press right? That since this book is getting so much hype that people will go out and buy it no matter what. This is totally true, you have seen it all the time like when Iron Man #219, first Ghost, shot up and then fell almost over night. These fades really are what kills collecting for me. When it is difficult for a collector to finish a run because one book in the run is over $500 and the rest were between $1 to $3 each. That makes no sense to me.

Ok, I get it intellectually, the hype for a character creates demand for their first appearance and that means the price sky rockets, simple supply and demand. However I guess my personal bias slips in when these things go crazy. I want everyone to be able to read this book, and with the demand and price do high, there will be people left out because they can’t afford it or can’t find it. That saddens me. I truly believe there is a comic out there for everyone, and there should be comics written for everyone (my personal motto by the way), and this isn’t the way to get people more involved in the comic book world. to enjoy this stories and the characters that we all know and love.

So, if you get a chance, please go out and find a copy of Batman Damned, it is a beautiful story and it is just the first issue. Penis aside, please let me know what you think…



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