Comic/Game Store Consulting


My name is Michael Meade and I have worked in the Comic/Gaming Retail business for the past decade, with everything from starting a brand new store to participating in the convention circuit. At my first store I started as the Assistant Manager and made my focus making all the old and new comic sections profitable. This made comics a top tier category in the companies premiere gaming store. Then I became Manager of a brand new location in which I took that the store from literal nothing to making it functional and on its way to profitable by setting up accounts, designing the showroom, merchandising, employment relations (hiring), and dealing with customer relations.

I continued my comic/game store retail journey by joining another company and jumping right into their back issues. This store was making about $2500 in back issue comics a year, however after I arrived I made the same amount in back issue sales in a month with my knowledge and expertise. This continued to grow not only the back issues, but with my suggestions in store layout and customer relations, the store began to make a steady increase in sales. I also was able to save the store money and resources on new comics with my experience with the “in’s and out’s” of the distributors in the industry.

With my background and knowledge I can help any Comic Book/Gaming Store get to where they want to be. Helping owners guide their shop and their vision in a direction that not only benefits the buisness financially but also the communities that their stores are based in.

I will assist Owners with the Fundamentals of:

  • The Best Merchandising/Ordering Principles
  • Social Media Presence and Marketing
  • Store Operations and Optimizatoin
  • Customer and Employee Relations
  • Community Outreach
  • Store Vision/Presence

With these principles in mind, together, we can bring the vision of your buisness to reality.

The Two-Month Package Includes:

  • A FREE hour long consultation by phone or video to gain perspective on your own personal vision and wants for your business.
  • A Five Day On-Site Assessment and Training.
    • Employee Training
    • Purchasing Practices
    • Store Environment/Presentation
    • Comic Grading
    • Consulting on Brand Management and Execution.
    • And whatever else your store is needing.
  • Following the One-Site Assessment, you get two hour sessions twice of week of prescheduled consulting time every week for two months.
  • More Consulting hours can be purchased if needed.


  • $2,000.00 for the basic package outlined above.
  • $75.00 per Two-Hour Extra Consultation.
  • All Travel and Accommodations will be covered by client.

Contact me for more information and to set up your free one-hour consultation.

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Phone: 916-824-9380